Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training

Hi there! I'm Marta, an entrepreneur, wife and mom, and a dedicated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer certified by Precision Nutrition and PTA Global-NASM.

Are you approaching your menopause? My goal is to empower and encourage women like you to become the best version of themselves through holistic and individualized coaching in nutrition, movement, and self-care.

I want you to know you are enough and have the potential inside you to achieve all you want and more. Through small steps, consistent daily actions and self-belief, anything is possible.

Real food, purposeful training, and consistency are all that’s needed.

It would be my honor to be your guide.

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"There’s a big difference between giving people exercise and nutrition advice and actually knowing how to coach them through a successful body and life transformation."


Every aspect of the multidimensional person is taken into account to achieve your goals.

Deep Health is the fundamental principle of MPP Coaching methodology.

Coaching for Deep Health is the approach that transforms short-term wellness goals into life-changing results, because it goes far beyond the superficial.

Your main goal may seem more connected to the physical aspect of health, but coaching for Deep Health relates to and seeks a balance of the whole person.

If you want to know how Deep Health can help you improve in all domains of health and feel in sync with your desired wellness, book your FREE intake appointment here.

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Online Nutrition Coaching process aims to improve wellness and focuses on helping you identify your goals, assess your strengths and areas for development and implement your own solutions for moving forward.


The Personalized Training Program is the perfect combination of one-on-one live training and flexibility. Your program will be tailored to your needs and delivered to your mobile device; 100% flexible and accessible.


The most comprehensive plan including the features of Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training Plans, delivered to you online at the most affordable price. Enjoy exclusive challenges and offers as part of this option. You can't get a better deal!


Tired of reading posts and news filled with misleading and nonsense information? Get trusted reviewed articles and reports to support your change process. Although information alone doesn't make you change, it's important for you to be informed and engaged in your own process of change.

The human body is not only designed to move; it needs movement to thrive. Do you need ideas for staying active throughout your day? Is your health and fitness routine broken? Are you short on time and still want to get results? Check out how movement can greatly improve the way you feel right now.

Deep health is the unique balance in six different but strongly connected areas of our health: physical, emotional, mental, environmental, existential, and relational. We'll work together to find your own harmony in wellness, using good habits and practices, exercise, and nutrition as the means to achieve it.

"Why did I become a Coach? Because it is what fills my heart."

"Marta is helpful in many ways, but if anything had to be highlighted is her commitment, wisdom and empathy with me.

Her precision in both nutritional and exercise training advice is truly magical.

What I like most is that she always intervenes from a holistic or global point of view after having a clear idea of the person she's working with. She shows endless empathy, really cares about you, helps you stay accountable and is always ready to give you the encouragement you need at any given time, or a small tug of ears!

I've done lots of diets with certified nutritionists, as well as countless attempts at exercising to feel good in my own skin. But I wasn't successful until I found her.

Trust her fully, all in."

Begoña López, Copywriter, Archer Athlete and Coach

" The members of the synchronized skating team attended one of her nutrition workshops and witnessed her enthusiasm and astounding ability to communicate all things health. It really made an impact on most members of the team, who since then have changed their diet to bet on healthy habits and a much better pathway to being able to give everything we have to the sport we love.

MPP Coach is accessible, knowledgeable and up-to-date. Her affection and warmth were manifest from the first moment. We will all remember fondly that morning and turn to Marta every time she comes to Spain to continue to educate us on all things nutrition."

Araceli Motila, Synchronized Skating Team Manager

"Working with Marta has been a pleasure. Her attention to detail and dedication to tailoring my workouts have given me relief from injuries that no other professional has ever succeeded in doing. There are many paths to achieving success in your goals but only one door leads you to it. Marta will show you that door, you just have to walk through it."

Jim Spyridakis

"I was feeling stuck and overstressed trying to balance my family life and my professional life. My nutrition was poor and I would rarely do some exercise. Marta has taught me how to keep my life in perspective. It's a slow but extremely effective process that is finally allowing me to develop a healthy lifestyle at all levels. It's been the best investment in my own health that I've ever done."

Mary Fernandes

"All I can say is that, from day one, I've been hitting all those personal records I intended to achieve. MPP Coach makes everything sound easy, though very achievable with outstanding results. I hired her for the nutrition plan and upgraded for the personal training plan to maximize results. Both plans are customized and help me stay accountable and keep track of my workouts and body stats. The workout instructions are clear, and in case of doubt, the movements are shown in self-explanatory videos. Both apps that come with the program are user friendly and send daily reminders, so I don't skip a beat! Highly recommend!"

Ignacio Calvache