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Below, you'll find my bio, but I want to make an important statement here:

You are the epicenter of the services I provide. I insist.

There's no other way around it.

Both plans –Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching– and every specialized workshop of the Food For Thought Academy (coming soon) are based on behavior change, a process that is completely tailored to your unique needs.

And it comes at a cost. If the price is drawing you back, please, contact me to arrange that.

I've been there...

I needed help with my nutrition and exercise routine.

I knew what to do but had a hard time staying consistent.

I was shy about trying personal coaching and would find a reason for not trying it out before.

We’re all a work in progress and I can assure you that personal coaching will get you closer to your goals by creating your own action plans.

Working with me you'll take the role of "expert" because you know your body, your life, and what’s worked well or not in the past.

You set the focus of the sessions and own the insights, the action steps, the work and the success.

This creates a powerful environment to make changes toward

your goals.

MPP Coach Guarantee
Change is a matter of consistency and believing in your own unique journey. And I’m here to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

As a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, I can support you in getting better, no matter your starting point.

We can work together restarting an exercise regimen, getting into peak physical shape, reducing stress, managing weight issues, and coping with challenges integrating good habits for life.

We will take into consideration all aspects of "deep health": physical, emotional, mental, environmental, existential and relational.

We won't be just you and me...

Simon and Sierra,

Your Virtual Loyal Companions

will always be here, cheering you on and “applawding” your efforts.

Now, here's my story. Get yourself comfy and read away!

A Woman On A Mission

My journey is a common one. I’ve struggled with my body image for most of my life; I’ve been ill-advised about what not to eat, what should I not do, what diet was going to help me lose that fat or what other exercise was going to help me achieve my goals… All too common.
I was born in Spain, in a loving family. As a kid, I loved playing with my friends on the quiet streets and parks of my neighborhood. In my teens, I engaged in many sports — judo, ballet, swimming and hiking— but I thrived most playing handball. Those were phenomenal years and helped me build a strong and healthy foundation.
My 18th birthday marked a turning point in my health journey, as I put on 25 pounds in just a school year during my stay in London, England. Lots of emotional eating and a sedentary lifestyle going on! I knew I had to do something, but I just didn’t know what.

When I returned to Madrid, I focused on studying for my career and yo-yo dieting was a common theme all along my 20’s. I still enjoyed sports; hiking was my go-to sport and still is to this day.

I graduated as a German Philologist in 1997 and moved in with my husband to Canfranc and Jaca, one of the most outstanding areas in Spain. We were very fortunate to spend some of the most rewarding years of our lives nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Pyrenees, where we felt at home. Although born in a big city, my heart had never been happier. Strong connections at social, professional and emotional levels led us to thrive both, individually and as a family.

My professional career was also very fulfilling. I wo

rked several years for Sargantana in the consulting department, as project director of education, tourism and environmental projects. My areas of expertise were directing projects dedicated to strengthening the cultural bonds between rural areas from France and Portugal, and teaching workshops and seminars to other professionals on how to deal with European Funds Programs.

Unfortunately, my health was not getting better. I was on a roller coaster of dieting and gaining back all the weight, trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. I did all the detox diets and plans I knew of and, finally, Olga was born in 2005. We were thrilled to have a healthy baby, but I was desperately watching how my clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore, even a year after the delivery.

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I decided to seek professional help. I followed the recommendations of certified nurses, dietists, a health doctor and a myriad of other professionals who just didn’t find their way into my deep health change I needed. I was hospitalized several times for kidney and gallbladder colics, on top of some other complications related to my digestive issues. I got better, but the change for good didn’t come yet.

My husband and I decided to take a leap of faith in 2008 taking advantage of a remarkable job opportunity for him. We crossed the ocean to settle in our new home, Montreal, . Unfortunately, I broke my left leg and had to be immobilized for weeks. I wasn’t allowed to walk for months. I limped for almost two years, because of the excruciating pain I had resulting from the surgery. As soon as I got better, Olivia came to our lives, our “Canadienne” daughter, as we like to call her —although, with time, the four of us became Canadian.

In 2011, I joined a local gym, where I had also access to nutrition advise. In the first year I lost 18 pounds by making small changes to my diet and exercise routines. The following year I joined a CrossFit gym, CFDO, and signed up for a diet challenge that absolutely changed my life. My relationship with food improved and I started to realize the utmost importance of self-care through nutrition and exercise. I fell in love with working out, weightlifting, the sport challenges, the environment and most of all, the friendships and connections that surrounded and encouraged my change. I felt I was a powerful athlete and a ninja of food prepping. I was astonished at witnessing the feasibility of such change in me, a person who struggled with low self-esteem and body-image for most of my life.

About three years ago I had a serious injury. It forced me to stop training and I was devastated. My whole wellness system had to change again, and I could not even fathom the idea of finding other ways for maintaining my endurance, strength, focus and social life.

But there is opportunity in the obstacles we encounter, and that situation led me to dig deep and find my purpose in life. I put together every little piece of the puzzle and I clearly saw that I am a helper, a coach, passionate about nutrition and overcoming roadblocks regarding body and mind.

I became a certified nutrition coach and a personal trainer by two of the most prestigious companies worldwide, to officially frame all my knowledge that I had been acquiring for years.

My journey as a coach and personal trainer has first started with friends and family members, to take off and thrive as a fair business in the coming years.

"I’m an optimistic introvert who believes in the power of deep health achieved through habits and by reframing obstacles into opportunities for change."