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What is Food For Thought Academy?

Food For Thought Academy is a school offering workshops open to all of you who like to dig deeper into certain aspects of your wellbeing and Deep Health.

It offers the opportunity to learn all you need to know about complex concepts explained in plain language, so you don't need to hold a bachelor's degree to understand how your body works.

The workshops are structured in different levels and last from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the levels you choose to learn.

The lessons inside this unique program will help you clarify the concepts that will make achieving your health-related goals a success.

You’ll also learn about how change works and what would be the path to follow to align your passion with your purpose.

Hydration and Mobilizers

All About Macronutrients

The Effects of Sleep in Weight Loss

Career Choice Making

Get back on track Post-Covid19

Stress Management and Weight Loss

Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet

Balancing Hormones

Learning to read food labels

Los edulcorantes y su efecto en la salud